WhatsApp: Advertising in Messenger is only a matter of time

WhatsApp: Advertising in Messenger is only a matter of time

WhatsApp is ad-free so far, but that will change. However, advertising is just one step that Messenger wants to make more money with in the future. Initially, further shopping functions are planned to improve the user experience.

Actually, and so far, WhatsApp is free of advertising for all users - apart from the annoying pop-up window that appears to everyone who has not yet agreed to the updated terms of use. But it shouldn't stay that way.

WhatsApp: advertising will come

"There is definitely a route to advertising that is at the core of Facebook's business model. I think it will become part of WhatsApp's business model in one form or another in the long run, "said Matt Idema, Facebook's vice president of business messaging (source: Reuters).

That is a clear message. The question of whether WhatsApp will advertise is no longer an issue; it is only about how and when. It would be conceivable that advertising is integrated into chats, but then it would have to be very different from the actual message content.

Advertising banners and pop-ups would also be possible when the messenger is started. So far it has only been possible to use the status function for advertising. The schedule for the next steps has not yet been revealed.

WhatsApp tests shop search

But they are already working on making WhatsApp the starting point for online shopping . In Brazil, a search function for stores is being tested, said Idema. There is a directory for this, which contains pure online shops as well as local shops.

So far, many companies would share their WhatsApp contact details with potential customers via Facebook, their own website or otherwise, so that they can then reach them via Messenger. Now you want to turn the tables.

In the video you can see how shopping via WhatsApp has worked so far:

Customers should be able to find the stores they want directly in WhatsApp . A search function based on categories is also provided. For example, you should be able to filter for grocery stores or different service providers. Idema hopes this will become the primary way that WhatsApp is used to initiate online purchases.

In doing so, you are already assured that no information on search behavior or whereabouts of WhatsApp users will be saved or evaluated. Evidently one has learned from the difficulties surrounding the new terms of use.


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