What is «Xiaomi EV Company» and why today will be remembered

Xiaomi today announced the business registration of Xiaomi EV Company Limited , marking a key milestone in the new smart electric vehicle (EV) business category and thus entering a fundamental development phase.

Towards the end of March 2021, Lei Jun (founder, president and CEO of Xiaomi, and legal representative of the new line) announced in his speech the company's EV business initiative , as well as the brand's commitment to invest a an estimated total of $ 10 billion in the electric vehicle business over the next 10 years, with an initial investment of 10 billion yuan.

Today, Xiaomi has taken the final step and has registered the Xiaomi EV Company Limited brand , the one in charge of giving life to its first electric vehicle that, as we anticipated yesterday, we should see throughout the next March of 2022.

Xiaomi EV Company Limited, step by step until the arrival of its first vehicle

Since Xiaomi announced the launch of the electric vehicle business, the company has become a benchmark to revitalize the automotive industry and a representative to innovate its potential development . The Xiaomi EV team has carefully selected its talented team and has assembled a team of 300 professionals.

Qué es "Xiaomi EV Company" y por qué Xiaomi ha apostado tanto por ello

During the 5 months since the announcement of the Xiaomi EV initiative until the official EV company registration, the Xiaomi EV team has carried out a solid investigation on consumer habits and has carefully inspected the industry, with more than 2,000 interviews and visits to more than 10 colleagues and partners in the sector, while it has continued with the definition of the EV product and the training of the team.

In addition, on August 25, Xiaomi announced the acquisition of the autonomous driving technology company Deepmotion Tech : a demonstration that the group has begun to delve into the creation of technologies and talents related to the automotive sector.

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