Uncertain future for the Apple Watch SE? Please do not repeat old mistakes

Uncertain future for the Apple Watch SE? Please do not repeat old mistakes

Everyone is currently talking about the Apple Watch 7, but what is actually going to happen this year with the inexpensive Apple Watch SE? Will Apple's simply be forgotten? In the current issue of my weekend column, I explain why Apple shouldn't repeat old mistakes.

Five years ago, the first iPhone SE received an all-round positive response - new technology in a tried-and-tested, compact housing. For Apple's customers an inexpensive offer that they gladly accepted. Unfortunately, Apple withdrew the special mobile phone from the range two years later and therefore forgot it. Apple took a lot of time after that, because the actual successor did not follow until 2020.

Apple Watch SE: sold out and forgotten in the future?

Could a similar fate also happen to the Apple Watch SE? Experts and industry insiders are only expecting one new smartwatch model this year. Aside from the Apple Watch 7, there will most likely be no new products . The fear is in the room: Instead of maintaining the Apple Watch SE, which was only introduced last year, Apple prefers to concentrate on the higher-margin flagship models. Accordingly, Apple's smartwatch portfolio could look like this in the fall:

Apple Watch SE: The unchanged model will be slightly reduced in price and will replace the Apple Watch Series 3, which is now finally being phased out. Apple Watch Series 6: A basic model made of aluminum takes over the middle price region and thus the original place of the SE. Apple Watch Series 7: As expected, the new Smartwatch takes the top spot.

This year, too, will remain unchanged in the program - the Apple Watch SE, to be seen in full detail in the video :

So could Apple repeat old mistakes and sooner or later forget and sell the Apple Watch SE? In my opinion, this would be very regrettable, because the success of the iPhone SE has shown that there is a market for inexpensive, non-obsolete Apple hardware apart from used devices. A lucrative niche, if you will, that Apple should always occupy if you want to continue to supply a wide-ranging customer base in the future.

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Hope for next year

In this respect, I sincerely hope that the current rumor about a new Apple Watch SE for autumn 2022 is true and not just wishful thinking. A two-year cycle forecast in this way for the SE model of the Apple Watch would even make sense for the manufacturer and customers. Apple saves development costs, increases the profit margin and price-sensitive buyers are not bothered by longer availabilities. Once again, Apple cannot simply forget about an SE model - my point of view.


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