Trouble at Vodafone shops: What Vodafone customers need to know now

Trouble at Vodafone shops: What Vodafone customers need to know now

At Vodafone there is no peace: months after fraud was first discovered in partner shops, an insider turned against the telecommunications group. Vodafone calls him a blackmailer, takes an official position on what has happened - and gives tips on what customers can do.

Vodafone closes dozen of shops because of fake contracts

A few weeks ago it became known that Vodafone was struggling with illegal sales tactics from partner companies in some shops. In the meantime, at least in parts, the dimensions are clearer: According to its own statements, Vodafone has filed 15 criminal complaints and terminated its cooperation with 10 partners. A total of 53 Vodafone shops were closed in this context (source: Vodafone).

A whistleblower helped the mobile phone provider know that contracts were systematically foisted on customers, "sometimes with a high level of criminal energy," as the company writes. In other cases, customers were promised discounts, and the fraudsters acted to the detriment of customers and companies.

The whistleblower, himself a former Vodafone partner, is said to have turned against the group. One is grateful for his help, it is said on the one hand. On the other hand, the insider demanded a "fee" of 900,000 euros (source: n-tv). Without this he will not give any further information. First, the mirror reported on the supposedly subtle intentions of the whistleblower.

Vodafone reports tipsters for blackmail

Vodafone explains that it was also threatened with the publication of sensitive customer data , the group speaks of an attempt at blackmail, which is not allowed. Instead of this
"Some time ago the public prosecutor in Düsseldorf reported charges of extortion and unauthorized disclosure of personal data and business matters against the whistleblower."

Fraud was not found in retrospect in all cases reported by the whistleblower. The affected customers are contacted directly, in writing or by phone. Any damage incurred will be reimbursed in full.

In the course of the incidents, the control systems for partner agencies and shops were also revised, according to Vodafone. The scam does not only affect the Düsseldorf mobile phone provider: O2 and its licensed partner shops are said to have had very similar cases.

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This is how Vodafone customers should behave now

According to Vodafone, customers who are directly affected do not have to take action themselves, but are contacted by their provider. Anyone who is unsure whether everything has gone well with their own contract can contact Vodafone via the service hotline on 0800 172 1212. As with other contracts, the company also recommends that you always carefully check all of the contract documents.


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