This Xiaomi phone shows how expensive the iPhone 13 Pro really is

This Xiaomi phone shows how expensive the iPhone 13 Pro really is

It is well known that iPhones are not cheap smartphones. A new Xiaomi mobile phone is currently showing how big the premium for a comparable Android smartphone really is. Apple wants almost twice as much for similar technology.

Just one day after Apple presented the iPhone 13 (Pro), Xiaomi also presented new smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer, known for its excellent price-performance ratio, once again lived up to its reputation with the Xiaomi 11T Pro .

Xiaomi 11T Pro offers a lot of smartphone for comparatively little money

At a price of 649 euros (currently only 599 euros on Amazon), the Xiaomi 11T Pro offers equipment that has washed itself and in some cases also outperforms the new iPhone. The highlights include:

6.67-inch display (AMOLED, 120 Hz) Snapdragon 888 108 MP camera 5,000 mAh battery with 120 watt fast charging fingerprint sensor

The 108 MP camera and the generously sized battery with 120 watt quick charge function are particularly impressive . The iPhone 13 Pro Max, which we use as a comparison due to the same display diagonal, cannot keep up with this. And: In contrast to the Apple mobile phone, the power supply unit is still included in the scope of delivery of the Xiaomi smartphone. During Corona and the still prevailing mask requirement, a fingerprint sensor should also be more practical than Face ID.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro in the video :

The iPhone 13 Pro Max also has many advantages

iPhone users may argue that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is winning in other areas - and that's true. The Xiaomi 11T Pro, for example, cannot charge wirelessly, has no IP68 certification for protection against dust and water and even if the built-in Snapdragon 888 is extremely fast, it should lose out against the A15 Bionic. Apart from that, only an iPhone offers seamless interaction in the Apple ecosystem with Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods and Co.

The question is whether all of this is worth an extra charge of 600 euros (the costs for the quick charger must be added) . Every buyer has to decide for himself.


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