This Xiaomi Home compatible alarm clock is perfect for your nightstand

Xiaomi is known for leaving nothing out. This can be seen in the wide range of home products on its Youpin crowdfunding platform . This is where we can find everything from super-equipped robot vacuum cleaners to desk lamps with multiple functionalities . What else could they do? Well, an alarm clock, compatible with Mi Home, and that is perfect for your nightstand.

Qingping Bluetooth Alarm, the smart alarm clock from Xiaomi

The Qingping Bluetooth Alarm clock is special for many reasons. First of all, its minimalist design has no physical buttons . Instead, it has a silicone base that covers the entire product and can be pressed as a whole.

Alarm clock for the bedside table

Its LCD screen displays information about room temperature and humidity level . Likewise, its sensors are capable of capturing changes in humidity and temperature with extreme precision in real time.

Similarly, the Qingping Bluetooth Alarm clock also displays the time, date, week, alarm status, and active Bluetooth connection. Also, through the Bluetooth connection you can link the alarm clock with the mobile to configure up to 16 different alarm groups , and you can choose between 8 available alarm tones. In addition, every time the watch is connected to the mobile, it is automatically synchronized.

New alarm clock for the bedside table

By pressing the surface of the watch, it activates the night light. So it is an excellent ally for the little ones at home who fear the dark. On the other hand, you can adjust the duration of the clock's brightness from the mobile so that it turns off completely or every so often.

This practical alarm clock weighing just 106 grams and made of anti-slip silicone is compatible with Xiaomi Home, so it can work in conjunction with other home devices . For example, if the clock shows that the temperature is below 20 °, the heater will automatically turn on.

Price and availability of the smart alarm clock that Xiaomi sells

The Qingping Bluetooth Alarm clock is available in its blue, green and white presentations. You can buy it through AliExpress , where it accumulates more than 700 units sold and 400 positive evaluations , for just over 10 euros.

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