This is what Xiaomi s first electric vehicle would look like according to this new concept

Xiaomi's first electric vehicle is getting closer and closer. At least that's what the rumors claim. According to the latest reports, it is expected to make its official presentation in March 2022 . At the moment, it is unknown what the design of the car is. However, an unofficial concept art that haunts social media gives us a first glimpse of an otherwise futuristic vehicle.

Through the official forum of the Xiaomi community, the conceptual arts that the designer Mo Fei made on the Xiaomi M1 electric car have been published. In the images you can see a vehicle with an aerodynamic design , as if it were taken from a science fiction movie.

The car that stars in the images seems to be running an operating system called MIUI For Car . Likewise, the designer shows that his version of the Xiaomi M1 will be a car focused on autonomous driving .

Diseño futurista del Xiaomi M1

The creator of the concept art also points out a large holographic screen , compatibility with voice assistants and the possibility of traveling 1000 km with just a 5 minute charge .

What is really known about Xiaomi's first vehicle?

Each of these features sound idyllic, and would certainly represent a big step into the future of the automotive market. However, it should be noted that these designs are not official, and Xiaomi has not confirmed anything about its first vehicle .

It was in March of this year when Xiaomi's CEO, Lei Jun, reported that the company officially entered the smart electric car market. He also commented that the company will make an investment of 10 billion dollars over the next 10 years to give birth to its last major business project.

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