These eight Xiaomi products have been awarded for their design

Xiaomi is recognized throughout the world for the stylish design of its products. Such is the care that the firm puts on the appearance of its devices that, on more than one occasion, they were awarded for it . Now history repeats itself, as in the most recent edition of the Red Dot Awards, eight Xiaomi products were recognized for their design and usability.

These are very different products between them, and in which the Mi Home application is included . If you want to know what the other award-winning devices are, then read on.

Xiaomi Mi Home

In this edition of the Red Dot Awards, the Xiaomi Mi Home application was awarded for its usability and the simplicity of its design . It is not the first time that the app has received an award, since in the past it has received four international recognitions for different functions offered by the application.

Mijia handheld vacuum

This practical product, which allows you to remove dust from anywhere, is among Xiaomi's award-winning products at the Red Dot Awards. The vacuum cleaner is characterized by being wireless, light, portable and easy to handle in different environments . It has two levels of suction and can last up to 30 minutes at minimum power.

New Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum Cleaner: a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. news Xiaomi

In addition, as if that were not enough, in this edition an award was also given to the interface of the Redmi K10 wireless vacuum cleaner.

Photo printer

Another of Xiaomi items awarded at the Red Dot Awards is the pocket photo printer. It is a device that allows you to print photos quickly and easily thanks to its thermal and inkless printing technology . Now also to his credit a recognition of his design can be mentioned.

My Shaver 1C

Xiaomi prohíbe la venta de sus móviles en estos países y bloquea los que ya se han vendido. Noticias Xiaomi A

The design of the Mi Shaver 1C earned it an award from Red Dot. The shaver in question has up to 20 speeds to adapt it to your liking . However, it is worth noting that of all the razors sold by Xiaomi, the one that has been awarded is a model that is only sold in India .

My Pocket Power Bank Pro

Similarly, this pocket-sized Power Bank Pro, which can only be found in India , also received an award from the Red Dot organization for its design. This device is quite special, as it allows you to recharge multiple devices at the same time with its 10,000 mAh storage .

In addition, it allows you to increase the conversion rate effectively. On the other hand, it stabilizes the discharge voltage and provides circuit protection . In this way, users have a totally safe power supply.

Mijia S700 Shaver

The best Xiaomi razor you can give this Christmas

One of Xiaomi's most popular electric shavers, the Mijia S700, was also awarded by the Red Dot board for its design and usability. Its brushless motor , sharp ceramic blade , and its body made of a molded aluminum alloy make it an efficient, durable product and four times faster than a conventional electric shaver.

Mijia H900 hair dryer

Also among the winners is a hair dryer that can only be purchased in China . We are talking about the Mijia H900 supersonic dryer. The product was honored for its design and usability at the recent Red Dot Awards.

Xiaomi launches its most advanced hair dryer with up to 12 drying modes. News Xiaomi

This device with a minimalist appearance hides inside a high-speed motor , and a structure that is not at all simple, which makes it an ideal and efficient model.

Electric toothbrush Mijia Sonic T500C

A customer may not pay much attention to design when purchasing an electric toothbrush. However, it never hurts to know that Xiaomi has in its catalog a brush that has been recognized for its design at the Red Dot Awards .

Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500C

Although it should be noted that the winner is not only the brush, but also everything that accompanies it . The travel case and head accessories are part of the design and add further refinement to the product.

The presence of so many Xiaomi products at the Red Dot Awards is irrefutable proof of the consolidation of maturity by the Asian firm over time . A demonstration of how the brand's product line is getting richer and more complete.

As well as it is a reaffirmation of its commitment to maintain a high standard in the design of its products , together with the value for money that characterizes the company so much.

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