These are the three best Xiaomi sound bars you can buy

When it comes to speakers and speakers, Xiaomi is not far behind. The company has manufactured and marketed devices that have been very successful . Whether to enjoy an immersive experience with your favorite movie, or to listen to every chord of that song that fascinates you, there is no doubt that Xiaomi knows what it does.

For that reason, below we tell you which are the three best sound bars that you can find in the Xiaomi catalog, as well as where you can buy them at the best price on the net.

Redmi Soundbar

We open the list with the cheapest Xiaomi soundbar. It is the Redmi Soundbar , a really interesting soundbar that despite having been on the market a little over a year ago, it is still positioned as one of the best options to choose thanks to its excellent value for money .

Redmi Soundbar

The Redmi Soundbar soundbar is characterized by its black color and minimalist design. The device offers three sound inputs: SPDIF connection, AUX audio jack port, and Bluetooth 5.0. Also, its internal speaker provides an audio power of 30 W capable of simulating surround sound . It barely weighs 1.5 kilograms and has an anchor on the back so you can hang it on the wall if you feel like it.

Redmi Soundbar

At the time, the soundbar was only available on the Chinese market. Later it was launched on the Indian market. Now you can buy the Redmi Soundbar on Aliexpress for just over 40 euros.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

We rate the next device with the three "b", that is, good, pretty and cheap. The Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar soundbar is one of the most complete options on the market. Its elegant white finishes and minimalist design are just the tip of the iceberg, as inside there are 8 speakers with stereo, clear and surround sound at 28 W.

DiseƱo de la barra de sonido Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

The Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar also has multiple audio inputs , such as: 3.5 mm Jack port, optical port, SPDIF port, two RCA ports and the typical Bluetooth connection to link the device with your mobile.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

Its weight is 1.9 kilograms, it has a rubber support that prevents sound deterioration due to vibrations , and it can be hung on the wall. Of course, it should be noted that it does not have a remote control.

As you can see, the soundbar offers many benefits that you can take advantage of. The device is compatible with Xiaomi, Samsung and LG televisions . In addition, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi TV soundbar on AliExpress for a cost of more than 50 euros.

Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition

Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition

In the last place we present a unique soundbar, made of aluminum alloy, and incorporating a separate 60W subwoofer that provides clear sound in mid and high tones, at the same time that it provides more power to the bass tones. We are talking of course about the Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition .

The soundbar is undoubtedly one of the most advanced from Xiaomi. In fact, its 4 internal speakers reach a power of 34 W , which when combined with the 66 W of the subwoofer, can reach a maximum power of 100 W for an unmatched sound experience. Like the previous ones, it has multiple audio inputs such as: AUX Jack 3.5 mm, coaxial, S / PDIF and Bluetooth.

At the time of its release, it was only available in China. However, over the months you can now buy the Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition in AliExpress for just over 160 euros.

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