The fast charge of the Xiaomi 12 could be much more powerful than expected

Again the Xiaomi 12 is once again the protagonist of the latest rumors that come to us from China. This time they tell us about its fast charge, which although it will be 120W, will have a more optimized charger in order to reduce charging times.

As we can read through MyDrivers , the Xiaomi 12 will make use of a new charger or transformer registered under the model number « MDY-13-E «, which will have a smaller size than what we can find in the Xiaomi 11T Pro .

Xiaomi 12, able to take greater advantage of the fast charging of 120W

But there will not be everything. According to this latest rumor, the new charger that the next Xiaomi flagship will have will be able to offer the 120W fast charge for a longer time, thus ensuring that the entire battery is charged in a shorter time.

La carga rápida del Xiaomi 12 podría ser mucho más potente de lo esperado. Noticias Xiaomi A
Possible design of the Xiaomi 12

Recall that, in general, the different fast charging systems that Xiaomi has do not offer their maximum power throughout the entire charge , but this is reduced in order to reduce the degradation of the battery. In this way, this new Xiaomi 12 charger would be able to offer 120W for a longer time without negatively affecting the device's battery .

With this, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is capable of charging its 5,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes, the Xiaomi 12 would be able to do it in a shorter time even with the same charging power. A milestone that we will discover shortly, probably in the last two months of the year.

Via | MyDrivers

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