Telegram mocks WhatsApp - hits a sore point

Telegram mocks WhatsApp - hits a sore point

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature that iPhone users can use to switch to Samsung phones. Telegram has used this as an excuse to make fun of the competitor. An unmistakable GIF was chosen for this.

New WhatsApp function available at Telegram for years

WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger worldwide, but Telegram is on the trail of the competitor. While WhatsApp is finding it very difficult to quickly introduce new functions that really make sense, Telegram has been integrating these for what feels like an eternity. And that's exactly what Telegram WhatsApp lets feel after the announcement of the new feature was shared on Twitter:

There WhatsApp celebrates the possibility of being able to take chat messages with you when switching from the iPhone to a Samsung cell phone. Telegram takes this as an opportunity and mockingly asks what year we are in. With Telegram, this function has existed forever and is nothing special .

WhatsApp has not even released the new function for all users of Android devices. So far it is only possible to switch from an iPhone to a Samsung mobile phone . Other devices should follow over time. The change only works via cable instead of via the cloud, which means additional work.

Incidentally, it is not yet possible to switch from Android to iPhone in WhatsApp . This case is likely to occur much more frequently than the other way around. So in the end a nice function, which should actually have been introduced years ago, says Telegram.

The best WhatsApp alternatives in the video :

Telegram is becoming more and more successful

Things are going particularly well for Telegram at the moment. It was recently announced that the app has now reached over a billion downloads. In addition, many new functions have been released for the eighth birthday with which restrictions have been lifted. This means that Telegram is much more open than WhatsApp .


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