Strike against Apple and Google: Compulsory payment broken for the first time

Strike against Apple and Google: Compulsory payment broken for the first time

It's great news for app users, Apple and Google are likely to grind their teeth a lot right now: In the future, alternative payment methods will have to be allowed in the App Store and the Play Store, at least in South Korea. But the case is a great example.

South Korea forces App Store and Play Store to open

The lucrative business model of Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store is in jeopardy. South Korea was the first country in the world to enact a law on Tuesday that prohibits large technology companies from operating payment systems for their stores that exclude other providers (source: The Wall Street Journal).

In Samsung's home country, Google and Apple must enable payment for apps and in-app purchases via other payment service providers directly in the Play Store and App Store. That will cost companies gigantic amounts. Because up to now, like in the rest of the world, around 30 percent of all payments go to the store operator.

This step will hit Google much harder than Apple. Because Samsung's smartphones with the Play Store dominate in South Korea, Google also makes significantly more sales there - and now has more to lose.

In the USA it looks different. There are attempts in several proceedings - including by game developer Epic - to ban Apple's payment practices. Recently, a small success was achieved, but the big breakthrough has not yet happened in other countries.

So far you can only get them via the App Store or Play Store - apps that belong on every cell phone can be found in the video :

Apple and Google restricted: role model for other countries?

South Korea's decision could, however, serve as a model for others. If the obligation to pay generally falls, benefits for the app users are also expected. Because the industry is currently assuming that the developers will make cheaper offers without a store commission.

Thanks to the competition that will hopefully set in, the price pressure on Google and Apple could also increase. The corporations usually counter this with security concerns. How the decision will be made elsewhere - and thus also in Germany - is still unclear. How things will continue in South Korea will, however, be closely monitored.


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