Soon at Aldi: special Android tablet with LTE, pen and keyboard

Soon at Aldi: special Android tablet with LTE, pen and keyboard

If you want to buy a new Android tablet, you should take a look at Aldi. An all-in-one package will soon be sold there. This consists of a 10.1-inch Android tablet, a keyboard and a pen. But there are a few points that you should consider before buying.

Aldi sells Android tablets with a pen and keyboard

Aldi will be offering the Medion Lifetab Education P10912 at a price of 249 euros from September 30th (see Aldi delivers). It is a 10.1-inch tablet with the Android 11 operating system. The performance should be okay with the octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Why the Aldi tablet is being marketed as an "education" device, that is, as an educational tablet , is not entirely clear. It does come with a keyboard and stylus, but that doesn't automatically make it an educational device. This usually includes special software that isn't mentioned here.

A special feature of the Aldi tablet is the LTE modem. This means that you can be connected to the network anywhere, regardless of WiFi. An Aldi-Talk SIM card with 10 euros credit for the start is included in the package . The keyboard solution is not that great. This is because it is a model with a Bluetooth connection. So the energy does not come from the tablet. A second battery is built into the keyboard. If you forget to charge it, you cannot use the keyboard. The pen for handwritten input is also powered by batteries. Otherwise you get a nice overall package and the latest Android 11 as the operating system.

In the video you can see all the details about the Medion Lifetab Education P10912:

For whom is the purchase of the Aldi tablet worthwhile?

Even if Aldi markets the Medion Lifetab Education P10912 as an educational tablet, it is more than that. It is the perfect device for on the go . Thanks to the keyboard and the pen, you can work with it perfectly. A comparable Samsung tablet with LTE and pen costs over 350 euros (look at Amazon) and the keyboard is not even included.


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