Sony tackles Huawei: Chinese manufacturer ignored warning

Sony tackles Huawei: Chinese manufacturer ignored warning

Sony is certain that Huawei is violating the trademark rights of the Japanese group. Accordingly, a lawsuit has now been filed. Meanwhile, Huawei is trying to secure more trademark rights to wipe out Sony. It's about smartwatches and a legendary game.

Sony is suing Huawei over GT smartwatches

Huawei has been exposed to many processes in the company's history. Now Sony wants to enforce its trademark rights to "GT". A few years ago, the Japanese company asked Huawei not to equip its smartwatches with the addition "GT". Huawei didn't care and so the GT-Watches came onto the market. Sony, however, is of the opinion that the "GT" belongs to the company, as it is used as the abbreviation of the cult game "Gran Turismo" (source: LetsGoDigital).

Huawei does not want to face the lawsuit without a fight, but has even applied for naming rights in England for a Watch GT3, GT5, GT8 and GT10 . The company wants to further expand its GT line of smartwatches in the future and does not see why the addition "GT" should only belong to Sony.

The last Huawei smartwatch came onto the market worldwide without the GT addition. The Huawei Watch 3 Pro does without "GT" and can therefore probably still be sold without problems. As early as 2016 to 2019, Sony tried to prevent Huawei from securing the naming rights for "Watch GT" - without success. Now you take the next step and complain.

The last GT-Watch from Huawei in the video :

What are Sony's chances of success?

Huawei has only registered the trademark rights of "Watch GT" for one area, namely for wearables. Sony has already failed with its approach in the past. It will still be exciting to see how this story develops and whether Huawei will have to do without the addition "GT" on its smartwatches in the future.


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