Setback for the Apple car: leading manager switches to competition

Setback for the Apple car: leading manager switches to competition

Apple will not taste that at all: A leading mind behind the not yet officially presented electric car has left the Californian company. The change is explosive because the manager is moving to a direct competitor.

At Apple everything revolves around the presentation of the new iPhone, which will take place next Tuesday as part of a "California Streaming" event. With new iPhones, the US company is only concerned with the immediate future. In a few years, however, Apple's own e-car is expected to hit the market. Here, of all places, the company has to cope with a huge setback.

Apple Car: top-class manager moves to Ford

Doug Field, who previously worked at Apple as "Vice President of Special Projects", is leaving Apple and joining Ford . This is a bitter loss for Apple, after all, Field was a leader in the company's previously secret vehicle division. Ford is now benefiting from his many years of knowledge of automobile production. Field has also worked for the Tesla, the e-car leader, among others.

So far, Apple's electric car project has lost three top-class managers (source: Heise). The group has not yet officially confirmed its vehicle ambitions. However, it is an open secret that Apple is working on its own electric car. Most recently, Kevin Lynch switched to the vehicle team, who previously made the Apple Watch a success. Apple's electric car is rumored to be developed under the name "Project Titan".

Don't fall for it! In the video we clear up common myths about electric cars:

When could the Apple Car be introduced?

It is still unclear when such an "Apple Car" or "iCar" could be presented. More recently, there has been talk of a date in 2024. In view of the recent upheavals in the car project, this deadline will be difficult to meet.


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