Samsung s new economy tablet: This is what the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) looks like

Samsung s new economy tablet: This is what the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) looks like

Samsung will shortly be launching a new, affordable entry-level tablet. The first render images of the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) have now appeared, showing the tablet from all sides. Some details of the technical equipment are already known.

From cheap to expensive: Samsung covers the entire spectrum with its Galaxy Tabs and offers the right tablet for every budget. As the successor to the Galaxy Tab A7, the new Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) is one of the first mentioned. Before the official presentation, render images now show what the Samsung tablet will look like (Source: 91Mobiles)

Galaxy Tab A8 (2021): New Samsung tablet looks more grown-up

In terms of design, Samsung doesn't make too big leaps forward compared to its predecessor. The motto is more evolution than revolution. Perhaps most noticeable is the redesigned camera module on the back, which is now round instead of square. Overall, the new Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) looks more straightforward, adult .

With its comparatively thick bezels, the new Samsung tablet doesn't make a very modern impression like the iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab S7, but the price should be pleasantly low again. Samsung has asked for around 220 euros for the predecessor, but the tablet is now available for well under 200 euros (see Amazon). The Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) should move in a similar sphere .

What you need to know before buying a tablet, we explain in the video :

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) with 10.4-inch display and four speakers

On the technical side, the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) should have a 10.4-inch display. According to reports, the resolution is FullHD +. Four loudspeakers with Dolby Atmos ensure the right sound. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on board, USB C for charging and an 8 MP main camera. Information on the installed processor and RAM is not yet available.

It is unclear when Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021). But it shouldn't be long.


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