Samsung: New function makes smartphones faster

Samsung: New function makes smartphones faster

Samsung introduced a feature in a first Galaxy smartphone that could make the device faster in certain situations. This feature is likely to have a noticeable impact on the performance of a cell phone, especially in the future.

Samsung has given smartphones more RAM via software

Many Chinese manufacturers are already using this technology, and Samsung is now adopting it as well. With the latest update, the new Galaxy A52s 5G has an interesting function called " RAM Plus ". The smartphone, which is equipped with 6 or 8 GB of RAM depending on the equipment variant, also has 4 GB of virtual memory (source: SamMobile). If the RAM becomes tight, the new system intervenes and ensures that the cell phone does not slow down.

According to the latest information, the "RAM Plus" function is automatically activated after the update has been installed on the Galaxy A52s 5G. The additional 4 GB of virtual memory come from the internal memory and are of course not as fast as the real memory. Nevertheless, such a function can prevent a smartphone from stalling if it is loaded with many applications at the same time.

Perhaps this is also a solution for Samsung so that the apps in the background are no longer so severely restricted. Although many cell phones have a lot of RAM, which is often not completely used, the apps are in many cases simply reloaded if you put them in the background and then call them up again. I notice this every day with the Galaxy S21, which should actually have enough power and RAM to run apps in the background. This is much less common with the Google Pixel 5.

In the video we show you the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G in the test:

New function from Samsung initially in India

The new function was discovered after the update of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G in India . Over time, however, the software should be distributed everywhere. It is currently not known whether "RAM Plus" will also be distributed for other Samsung cell phones. However, we would almost assume that this feature will now become the standard. In the entry-level and middle class, it also makes perfect sense when memory is scarce.


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