Samsung gives in: Legendary smartphone should return

Samsung gives in: Legendary smartphone should return

Samsung doesn't seem to be sure itself whether the decision to let the Note series die in secret this year was really the right one. The decision could be revised for the next year.

Samsung is planning a Galaxy Note 22 Ultra

With the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Z Fold series with foldable displays, Samsung has launched two completely different smartphone series on the market this year. As a result, there was no real top smartphone in the second half of the year . The competition is happy because the iPhone 13 from Apple and the Mi 11T Pro from Xiaomi have an easy time of it. That could change again next year, as an insider reveals according to SamMobile.

According to supplier circles, Samsung should work on a new Note series for 2022. Accordingly, a Galaxy Note 22 Ultra and perhaps other versions should appear in the first half of the year . So far these are only internal plans. Whether or not they will really be implemented after the foldable smartphones are selling so well is another story.

The expected schedule wouldn't be all that wrong. The Galaxy S22 smartphones would start in January 2022. In mid-2022, Samsung could technically go one better with the Note series . In autumn, the smartphone future would be pursued with the Z series. So the models would not compete and Samsung could position itself much broader against the respective iPhone.

For the time being, the last Note smartphone from Samsung in the video :

The focus is on the Samsung Galaxy S22

With the iPhone 13, Apple will show where things are going now. Samsung will respond to this in January with the Galaxy S22. The sales of the Galaxy S21 series were very bad, so the South Korean company has to come up with something again. The smartphones would have to be better and technically and qualitatively not cut back , as was the case this year. It remains to be seen whether the high expectations will be met and whether Samsung can turn around.


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