Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: software update eliminates annoying errors

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: software update eliminates annoying errors

The Galaxy Watch 4 is without a doubt a great smartwatch. However, Samsung has done itself a disservice with the software. Essential functions that you would expect from an Android smartwatch are missing and many errors have surfaced. The first update fixes at least one of them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Long-awaited update is here

Samsung is heading in a new direction with the Galaxy Watch 4. You have a completely new processor in use and have switched from Tizen to Wear OS 3.0. Shortly after the start of sales, many owners spoke up. The watch works very quickly, but it has some teething problems that Samsung has to fix. One of them is now being tackled. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with digital bezel will be easier to use with the first update.

While the rotating bezel on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic works perfectly, the digital bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 causes problems . It does not react at all in the way you know it from previous watches and thus becomes an annoying problem when using the smartwatch. Now Samsung has released an update that eliminates this problem (source: SamMobile).

The first major update is available for download for both smartwatches . Because both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, reliability and stability are also improved. New functions are not introduced. The Google Assistant, which should actually be part of Wear OS 3.0, is still missing. In addition, you have to wait and see whether the update will solve the other problems of the smartwatches. I haven't seen the update yet. As always, it will be rolled out in waves.

In the video we show you the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in detail:

Samsung smartwatch only for Samsung smartphones

If you want to exploit the full potential of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, you have to have a Samsung smartphone. Only then can you measure your blood pressure and use the EKG function. The watch no longer works at all with iPhones , although Wear OS 2.0 was still compatible with iOS. So Samsung seals itself off.


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