Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Developers unlock full potential for everyone

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Developers unlock full potential for everyone

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is currently the best Android smartwatch. There isn't much competition on the market anyway, so the title was easy to win. But not every function can be used with every Android smartphone. Developers have now outwitted Samsung's artificial restriction and freed the watch from its tight corset.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Measure ECG and blood pressure with any Android phone

With the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung has launched the first Wear OS 3.0 smartwatches on the market. As befits such a watch, it can basically be used with any Android smartphone. But Samsung is also doing something on Apple and only enables the creation of an EKG and the measurement of blood pressure together with a Samsung smartphone. There are no technical reasons for this. Samsung probably just wants to persuade Android users to buy Samsung phones .

At XDA, however, this was not accepted and the restriction was circumvented. With a little effort, you can now install a modified version of the "Samsung Health Monitor" app on every Android smartphone and get the smartwatch to create an EKG or measure your blood pressure. The version is not completely stable, but the breakthrough has been made. You can find detailed instructions in the XDA forum. Important: The installation is at your own risk.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic in the video :

What is Samsung's problem?

I recently tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and was really disappointed that Samsung does not offer the "Health Monitor" app for download from the Google Play Store. They are only available on Samsung phones through the Samsung Store. If Google and Samsung cooperate so closely, the app can still be released there for everyone. Fortunately, in addition to the Pixel 5 with Android 12, which I mainly use, I also had the Galaxy S21 lying around here. This Samsung compulsion isn't nice at all .


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