Samsung Galaxy A50, A51 and M31: Mysterious problem worries owners

Samsung Galaxy A50, A51 and M31: Mysterious problem worries owners

The Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy A51 and Galaxy M31 are real bestsellers. The mid-range smartphones, however, probably suffer a bit from old age. Many owners are very concerned because the cell phones have been acting very strangely for some time.

Samsung Galaxy A50, A51 and M31 with stability problems

With every new software update that Samsung releases for its Galaxy smartphones, the stability is said to be improved. Owners of the Galaxy A50 (to test), Galaxy A51 (to test) and Galaxy M31 as well as other mid-range models such as the Galaxy M30s and Galaxy M31s can hardly believe this. Smartphones jerk and stutter more and more frequently . In the worst case, they simply restart without prior notice (source: SamMobile). As the difficulties now pile up, the problem became known.

Samsung has perceived the problem, which should primarily exist in India, but has not yet promised a solution . In the official forums, countless people are now complaining about problems with these cell phones. It is not normal old age, because many of the models sold by the million run smoothly.

All of the above Samsung phones have one thing in common: the Exynos-9610 and Exynos-9611 processors. Whether this is to blame for the misery? It could also be memory that is causing problems over time. Difficulties with the software are also conceivable. Samsung could at least solve the latter.

In the video we show you the Samsung Galaxy A51:

Samsung can't use any problems with the smartphones

The sales of Samsung smartphones are falling and Xiaomi is catching up more and more. The South Korean company has absolutely no problems with old age in mid-range smartphones such as the Galaxy A50 or Galaxy A51, which have sold millions of copies. They are one of the main pillars of Samsung's smartphone business. It will be exciting to see if the company can solve the problems.


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