Samsung celebrates great success with smartwatches: Apple has to dress warmly

Samsung celebrates great success with smartwatches: Apple has to dress warmly

Although Samsung has been building smartwatches for many years, the South Korean company has not managed to secure a top position. That is changing now. Apple and Huawei lose, Samsung is catching up and is likely to grow even more in the future.

Samsung becomes the third largest smartwatch manufacturer

Believe it or not, Samsung hasn't played a huge role in the smartwatch market so far. That is changing now. While Apple continues to linger in first place and Huawei in second place, Samsung is catching up. The South Korean company is now in third place . This is particularly interesting because Apple and Huawei have lost shares, while Samsung has increased compared to last year:

This does not even include the new smartwatches from Samsung. With the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung is switching to the Google Wear OS operating system, creating many new possibilities. The interest is so great that there are delivery problems . So the chances are pretty good that Samsung will continue to move up and play a more prominent role in the smartwatch market.

In the video we show you the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:

Apple Watch 7 is not to be underestimated

Samsung claims that Apple should not be in a worse position with the Watch 7. The US company is also planning a major update for its smartwatch . New design that is more oriented towards the iPhone, more performance, new functions and, above all, larger watches. All of this could lead to many Apple users reorienting themselves and switching to the new model. After all, you always want to have the latest hardware from Apple.

Huawei also wants to focus more on smartwatches. The Watch 3 with HarmonyOS did not completely convince in the test, but new, better watches from China should be available by the end of the year. The market is on the move.


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