Really now, Apple? The iPhone 13 still doesn t make it!

Really now, Apple? The iPhone 13 still doesn t make it!

I've still decided to buy the new iPhone 13, but one thing bothers me. I notice: Even the latest smartphone from Apple still doesn't make it, although there is now more space. What annoys me? Let's clarify now in the comment.

iPhone 13 still without an exact battery indicator

All smartphones, including the iPhone, have a problem: the battery charge draws to the end relatively quickly. One would like to know how much of the battery charge is still available in percent . On the iPhone without a notch, there is space for this in the status bar - that's how I've known it so far as a user of an iPhone 7.

However, the wide display notch of new types of iPhones prevents the practical display and you only get rough information without an exact percentage. If you want to see more, you have to make do and for example open the control center or put a corresponding widget on the home screen - not very convenient.

What does the iPhone 13 actually offer? Let's see it in the video :

Now, as is well known, Apple is making the notch on the iPhone 13 a whole 20 percent smaller. Should be enough to finally integrate the percentage display of the battery charge, right? The hope is scrapped, because Apple still waives the missing of me comfort feature (Source: MacRumors). Serious? Why does Apple insist? To me incomprehensible, although certainly no reason to fundamentally question my positive purchase decision.

Sensible suggestion: Look Apple, that's better!

But it could be done better. This is proven by the Dutch developer Sebastiaan de With (camera app "Halide"), who "plays around" with the interface and throws the following two designs into the group:

In both cases, the percentage display would still have enough space and does not have to hide nonsensically in the control center. It's only a small detail, but Apple of all people used to be known for prioritizing these apparent "trivialities". Accordingly, I would like to ask no fewer Apple users on behalf of: Change this!

Maybe there is still time for that with regard to iOS 15.1? In any case, Apple has to deliver the promised ProRes functionality for the iPhone 13 Pro anyway, so you can do this little thing right away - in my opinion.


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