Pixel 6 Pro disappointed: has Google backed the wrong horse?

Pixel 6 Pro disappointed: has Google backed the wrong horse?

For the first time, Google is installing its own processor in a Pixel phone. But a first performance comparison is disappointing. Shouldn't Google have relied on established suppliers like Qualcomm for the Pixel 6 Pro?

Google wants to attack: Unlike in the recent past, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro should also be able to play in the smartphone upper class. This also requires a robust technical base with a powerful SoC. However, initial performance data raise doubts.

Google Pixel 6 Pro does not convince in the benchmark

The Google Pixel 6 Pro could not convince in the well-known Geekbench 5 benchmark. The single-core performance was surprisingly low with 414 points, and the Google phone hardly did better in the multi-core test: 2,074 points are on the plus side (source: Phandroid).

For comparison: The Pixel 4a 5G, a classic mid-range smartphone with a Snapdragon 765G under the hood, scored 595 points in the single-core test and 1,602 points in the multi-core test . Of course, real flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has the Snapdragon 888 on board in the US version and scores 1,134 points (single core) and 3,322 points (multi core) , deliver even better performance.

Of course, the results should be treated with caution. As Phandroid points out, the Pixel 6 Pro should be a pre-production model in the benchmark. Android 12 is also still in the beta phase and, according to the latest rumors, will not be officially released until October 4th. So Google still has some time to coordinate hardware and software .

The video shows the Pixel 6 (Pro) in action:

Should Google have relied on Qualcomm?

Despite these restrictions, the question naturally arises whether Google shouldn't have played it safe and installed a processor from Qualcomm or other established manufacturers. Because with these performance data, the Pixel 6 Pro cannot keep up with Samsung or even Apple.


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