Oppo: crazy smartphone relies on mirror camera

Oppo: crazy smartphone relies on mirror camera

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is known for its experiments and innovations. Now imagine a very special smartphone that has a multi-directional camera. Action shots should become even easier and sharper.

Oppo: Patent describes cell phone with side camera

If Oppo has its way, our smartphones don't have enough cameras yet. After at least three lenses have established themselves on the back and a selfie camera on the front should not be missing, Oppo is now taking on the frame of the cell phone. A multidirectional camera should be placed here in order to better capture moving subjects.

Especially with fast movements , it can be difficult to capture them sharply with a smartphone camera. This is exactly the problem that Oppo wants to address, as described in a new patent that has been filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and has now been published.

A camera can be found on the side of the upper frame. Oppo describes how you can easily change the recording direction - without having to move the smartphone yourself. A rotating reflective mirror is used for this (source: LetsGoDigital). As soon as the camera detects that the subject is moving to the right out of the picture, the mirror rotates and the side camera is activated so that the incident can continue to be captured with full focus.

Oppo is also working on an invisible selfie camera, as the video shows:

Opposite side camera: So far only a concept

As always, patents are concepts that do not necessarily have to lead to a final product. In addition, Oppo always attracts attention with crazy ideas : At the beginning of the year, a double-sided pop-up camera was patented, which also uses a mirror. The camera should be able to take pictures both forwards and backwards. A cell phone with this type of technology has not yet come onto the market.


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