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OnePlus cell phone explodes again: injured with burns

OnePlus cell phone explodes again: injured with burns

Another cell phone from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has exploded. Just like the case in August, it is again a OnePlus Nord 2 that injured a person. The smartphone exploded in a user's jacket, he reports. Photos show a destroyed cell phone.

OnePlus: New North 2 goes up in flames

Another OnePlus Nord 2 exploded . After there was a very similar case in August, a Nord 2 spontaneously caught fire again and then exploded, reports the owner from India. The cell phone was in the jacket pocket at the time of the explosion. When the owner felt the unusual development of heat, he quickly took off the jacket. The cell phone was already on fire. Then the smartphone should have exploded right next to him and injured him.

Not only was the smartphone itself destroyed, reports the owner, a lawyer from New Delhi. Some of the clothes also caught fire. He is now complaining of several burns on his hip. Due to the heavy smoke development, he has also suffered from breathing problems since the incident. According to him, his hearing and eyesight have also been damaged.

"I feel like I had my death certificate (the Nord 2) in my pocket. I am very happy that I am still alive, "says the lawyer. He feels traumatized and is undergoing medical treatment (source: LetsGoDigital).

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Exploding OnePlus cell phone: already the second case

In August, a copy of the OnePlus Nord 2 also went up in flames . The cell phone is said to have been only five days old when it exploded. In connection with the explosion, the owner was involved in a bicycle accident. In a statement, OnePlus spoke of an "isolated incident with external factors".

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