Offer on Amazon: Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student available at a greatly reduced price

Offer on Amazon: Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student available at a greatly reduced price

As part of the September offer on Amazon, the Office 2019 Home & Student office package with Word, Excel and PowerPoint is available at a particularly low price. xiaomist has all the details about the offer for you.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student at a bargain price at Amazon

If you are currently looking for a good office package, you can look forward to the September deals as the Home & Student version of the market leader Microsoft Office in the current version 2019 for only 89.99 euros instead of 149 euros RRP to buy from Amazon.

In contrast to Microsoft 365, which is also available, Office 2019 is a permanent license. So you only pay the above price once and can then use MS Office 2019 Home & Student for an unlimited period of time. The program is suitable for the Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems.

Office 2019 Home & Student: For whom is it worth buying?

The purchase of Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student is worthwhile for anyone who is currently looking for a good office package with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation program. MS Office is always the market leader and produces by far the most sophisticated programs in this area.

In the current version of Office 2019, various new features have been introduced and improvements have been made. Among other things, there is now an eye-friendly, black design and additional learning functions and tools in Word 2019. For example, PowerPoint has new animation features, and Excel has new formulas and charts.

With Office 2019 Home & Student you are well positioned in terms of a high-performance office package. However, if you also want to use the Outlook e-mail program, you should better use Microsoft 365, which, unlike Office 2019 Home & Student, contains this.


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