Off for free-of-charge options? That s what Telekom and Vodafone say

Off for free-of-charge options? That s what Telekom and Vodafone say

After the judgment of the European Court of Justice against free tariff options, there are doubts about their future for combined landline, internet and mobile phone tariffs. The focus is on StreamOn from Telekom and the Vodafone Pass tariffs. The reactions of the providers differ.

Ban on free-of-charge options? Nothing has been decided yet

StreamOn from Telekom and the various options of the Vodafone Pass are under criticism: Yesterday the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in a total of three proceedings against the mobile phone providers. Now the question is how things will go with the offers. Vodafone and Telekom agree on one point: Nothing has been decided yet.

That this is actually the case can also be seen from the communications from the ECJ, which we have already reported on. Although the judgments are groundbreaking for the German proceedings, it still depends on the decision of the judges in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

StreamOn from Telekom remains

At Telekom, they are currently sure that they can continue to offer the StreamOn options: The ECJ has declared the bandwidth adjustment for video streams to be inadmissible. "This is no longer included in the current StreamOn offer from Telekom; in this respect, nothing will change at StreamOn, "explains Telekom at our request.

General comments from the rulings on the "zero rating" - as zero tariffs are also referred to - are not the subject of the current proceedings. Correspondingly, possible consequences for the existing offer would have to be clarified by the legislature.

Vodafone is reviewing adjustments to the pass options

Vodafone goes a little further: According to the judgments of the ECJ, the decisions are carefully examined and will "if necessary adjust the current offer according to the judgments". Vodafone also wants to continue the passport options. It is currently unclear what adjustments will be made - or whether at all.

Vodafone also points out that it must be clarified at national level what future offers should look like so that they do not violate the regulation on the open Internet.

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What can cell phone customers now expect?

Customers are likely to have mixed feelings about this: the will of the two mobile phone providers is at least clear , if Telekom and Vodafone will continue. Ultimately, however, it now depends on the courts or the legislature what the future of free-of-charge options looks like - in the long term, other providers will also be affected, a change will not help.


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