o2: Practical app function saves you a lot of time

o2: Practical app function saves you a lot of time

As a customer of o2, the mobile and internet provider's app is part of the standard equipment on the smartphone. However, a function should be known to many more customers because it saves time and nerves in the worst-case scenario.

Although apps like "Mein o2" - or the counterparts from other providers - offer practically all the functions that a customer needs in everyday life, it may be necessary to get in direct contact with the provider every now and then.

This can be done by e-mail or, more and more often, by messenger, but when it should or has to be direct contact by phone, it becomes difficult. As practically everywhere, the perceived insurmountable wall of the waiting loop between consumers on the one hand and customer advisors on the other is also at o2.

Mein-o2-App saves time on hold - this is how it works

Anyone who has already endured the wait one or more times will probably do almost anything to avoid it in the future. This is exactly where the o2 app helps, but not only because it makes many calls superfluous. Using a live evaluation, it will also tell you when it is worth calling the customer hotline and when it is better to keep your hands off the receiver.

You can find the function under the menu item "Help & Contact", there simply select "Call hotline". You can still select a reason for contact, then on the next page you will find the expected waiting time and the average occupancy, staggered by day of the week and time of day.

If you want, you can initiate the call directly from there or find out when you have the best chance of short waiting times. Alternatively, you can request a callback one step beforehand , then the o2 customer service will contact you at a suitable time.

Whether with a contract from o2, Vodafone or Telekom and Co., it doesn't always have to be the high-end smartphone. In the video we show cheap alternatives:

No guarantee from o2: If you are unlucky, you will still have to wait a long time

But: The o2 app function does not provide a guarantee. If you are unlucky, even with an average waiting time of 2 minutes, you can have exactly one other customer in front of you whose concerns need more time. In our tests with the Android version, however, the waiting time coincided with the information from the app.


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