Now MIUI will also allow you to clock in and out of work

MIUI has become one of the most complete customization layers on the market. So much so that now it is even capable of making it easier for us to sign in and out of work , all thanks to the latest functionality added by Xiaomi to its voice assistant.

As we can read through MyDrivers , Xiaomi has updated certain functions of the XiaoAI voice assistant present in MIUI , so that it becomes compatible with certain applications used in China for the registration of work attendance.

A very interesting feature but for now only in China

Apparently, this new voice assistant utility that we find in MIUI is capable of synchronizing with applications such as Dingding and Enterprise WeChat , two of the most used platforms in China for the registration of transfers.

Ahora MIUI también permitirá fichar la entrada y salida del trabajo. Noticias Xiaomi A
Sample of the new MIUI functionality by the development team on Weibo

Thanks to this, it will no longer be necessary to install third-party applications , nor will it be necessary to use other devices to log in and / or out of work. From this new MIUI functionality, access to work can be registered quickly and easily from any smartphone.

Of course, at the moment this functionality is only available in the MIUI Chinese ROM and for now it will only continue to be available in this ROM due to XiaoAI's linguistic limitations.

The entry Now MIUI will also allow to sign the entry and exit of the work was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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