New Xiaomi Headphones 3 Pro, now with adaptive noise cancellation

In addition to having announced the arrival of the new Xiaomi Watch Color 2 , the company has made official its new Xiaomi TWS Headphones 3 Pro , wireless headphones very similar in design to the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro but with a great difference in its reduction section of noise.

In itself, the new Xiaomi TWS Headphones 3 Pro will be presented next September 27 in China together with the Xiaomi CIVI , debuting as probably the most advanced wireless headphones of the company, either in noise reduction technology or in sound quality.

This will be the new Xiaomi TWS Headphones 3 Pro

According to the first details that Xiaomi has revealed, the new Xiaomi TWS Headphones 3 Pro will become the first headphones of the company to integrate an adaptive noise reduction system .

Nuevos Xiaomi Headphones 3 Pro, ahora con cancelaciĆ³n adaptativa de ruido. Noticias Xiaomi A
Official poster of the new Xiaomi Headphones 3 Pro headphones

In addition to reducing up to 40dB of noise, these new Xiaomi headphones will be able to adaptively reduce ambient noise , that is, adapting to the environment in which we find ourselves and in relation to what we are listening to.

In this way, the next September 27 will become one of the most important dates of Xiaomi , in which in addition to discovering in detail the new Xiaomi CIVI, we will also know in detail the Xiaomi TWS Headphones 3 Pro and also the Xiaomi Watch Color 2.

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