New top tariff from o2: prepaid customers receive almost 1 TB of data volume

New top tariff from o2: prepaid customers receive almost 1 TB of data volume

Today o2 announced the start of a new giant tariff. Customers receive 999 GB of data for four weeks. This means that the new offer is especially something for real frequent surfers. But even those who are in a unique situation and need a lot of data volume should take a look.

o2 launches new prepaid tariff: 999 GB for 69.99 euros

o2 is expanding its range of tariffs for mobile customers: the latest addition to the prepaid tariffs is "o2 My Prepaid Max". The tariff without a term comes with an extremely large amount of data that - as usual with prepaid tariffs - is available for four weeks: As a My Prepaid Max customer, you get 999 GB, so only one terabyte is missing ( Source: o2).

The new tariff is scheduled to start in a few days, on October 5th . In the best case scenario, customers online can download up to 225 Mbit / s and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbit / s. After the high-speed data volume has been used up, there are still 50 Mbit / s left for download and 32 Mbit / s for upload.

A flat-rate telephone and text message is included in all German mobile networks as well as in the landline network as well as data roaming in the EU at no extra charge. With the extremely high data volume, the My Prepaid Max does not come at a budget price, of course: 69.99 euros are due for four weeks. There is no automatic renewal, so customers keep control over the costs.

My Prepaid Max from o2: only for real power users?

O2 also offers a few smartphones in the bundle, but surprisingly it is aimed more at price-conscious customers: The Xiaomi Redmi 9A is offered for 129.99 euros, the Galaxy A12 from Samsung for 209.99 euros or the Samsun Galaxy A32 (5G), respectively the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro for 289.99 euros each. The last of the bunch is the iPhone SE for an additional 479.99 euros.

We have summarized cheap smartphones for you in the video :

The offer with an extremely high volume of data is primarily intended for real frequent surfers and power users who use data-intensive applications such as streaming or mobile gaming practically all the time.

But even if you are about to move, find yourself in a difficult change of landline provider or need a lot of data volume for other reasons, the o2 My Prepaid Max is worth a look. If you really don't want to pay attention to the amount of data at all, you will find an alternative at Telekom: MagentaMobil Prepaid Max brings unlimited data volume for 99.95 euros.


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