New Redmi Router AX6 S: capable of reaching 3,202Mbps for only 40 euros

In addition to having presented the new Xiaomi CIVI , the company has made its new economic router official. We are talking about the Redmi Router AX6 S , a new variant that is characterized by reaching 3,202Mbps .

The new Redmi Router AX6 S is presented as the best alternative to the AC1200 routers. With a total of 8 data streams, MU-MIMO and OFDMA transmission, this new model is capable of guaranteeing up to 174% more performance than other conventional routers.

Features of the new Redmi Router AX6 S

In detail, this new router is presented with a design very similar to other Xiaomi models, except that its appearance becomes black . Add a total of 6 omni-directional antennas : two on each side and two on the back.

Nuevo Redmi Router AX6 S:capaz de alcanzar los 3.202Mbps por muy poco. Noticias Xiaomi A
Redmi Router AX6 S official poster

Among its features we find a 256MB RAM and support for Mesh networks . Thanks to the latter we can combine several routers of the brand in order to achieve absolute coverage throughout our home.

As far as price is concerned, the new Redmi Router AX6 S will go on sale in the coming days in China at a launch price of only 309 yuan, about 41 euros at the change. After that, it would be expected that it would end up reaching the international market.

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