Motorola shows crazy charging technology for cell phones - with video

Motorola shows crazy charging technology for cell phones - with video

No top cell phone can do without it: wireless charging has taken the cellphone world by storm. A new charging technology from Motorola goes a decisive step further and shows the not-too-distant future.

If you want to charge your smartphone wirelessly, you still have to put the device on a suitable charging mat. If Motorola has its way, this step will also be omitted in the future and the cell phone will be charged as if by magic.

Motorola charges cell phones completely wirelessly through the air

This is made possible by a new technology that the traditional manufacturer, which is now part of Lenovo, has now shown in an impressive video. There you can see four Motorola cell phones being charged at the same time - completely without cables or charging mats . The energy is sent to the devices through the air. "Space Charging" is what Motorola calls this impressive technology, which is supposed to supply the devices with power up to 3 meters away (source: Weibo via Android Authority)

You can see what this looks like in practice here in the video:

According to Motorola, the charging station that makes this possible is equipped with 1,600 antennas that send the energy to the cell phones in a radius of up to 100 degrees . If a human body is recognized, the energy transfer is interrupted according to the manufacturer. With this, Motorola apparently wants to dispel security doubts.

There are no official figures for the maximum loading speed. According to a well-known insider, this should be 5 watts . That would be pretty slow, after all, batteries in modern smartphones have a good 4,000 mAh or more.

On the other hand, such a charging technology would allow the cell phone to be constantly supplied with energy throughout the day and not just for an hour or two when it is hanging on the charging mat or the cable. Slower loading speeds wouldn't be too much of a problem with that .

Xiaomi is working on similar charging technology

It is not yet known when Motorola will launch this charging technology. The group shouldn't take too much time either, because Xiaomi is working on a very similar technology , which the company calls "Mi Air Charge" and which it demonstrated at the beginning of the year. After all: Xiaomi was unable to charge four cell phones at the same time, at least in the video. So that would be a unique selling point for Motorola.


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