More expensive than owning a home: This LG TV breaks all price limits

More expensive than owning a home: This LG TV breaks all price limits

Expensive, more expensive, LG: The new television from the South Koreans breaks through all price dimensions and costs more than many a home. And those are not the only superlatives with which the LG television is causing a sensation.

According to PSD Bank, an average home costs between 320,000 and 360,000 euros in Germany. But even this proud sum pales in comparison to the price that LG is calling for the top model in its new television series.

LG television costs 1.4 million euros

The "Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display" in the highest equipment variant costs the equivalent of no less than 1.4 million euros (source: Cnet). With the right change, buyers receive a television that goes beyond all dimensions in several ways.

It starts with the screen diagonal, which in the largest version extends to a gigantic 325 inches . That's 8.2 meters! Of course, that much space has to be filled with pixels: The resolution of LG's new Monster TV is 8K. With a weight of almost a ton, the television is anything but lightweight. The power consumption of 16,560 watts is beyond good and evil.

For normal mortals, however, the LG television is nothing anyway. According to WinFuture, the "Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display" is more likely to be found in the business sector, for example at trade fairs such as the International Radio Exhibition (IFA).

What you should consider before buying a new TV, we explain in the video :

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