MIUI one-handed mode is updated with one of the most anticipated improvements

Xiaomi continues to update some of the MIUI functionalities. This time it was the turn of the one-handed mode , which was updated with one of the most anticipated functions for some time.

In detail, Xiaomi has updated the one-hand mode through the latest Closed Beta, specifically in V21.9.18, finally making this mode compatible with the full-screen gestures that are increasingly used.

New full-screen one-handed mode

As we can see in the following animation provided by MIUIes , MIUI's one-handed mode is now compatible with full-screen gestures . Let's remember that to date we could only make use of this mode by using the virtual buttons located at the bottom.

El modo a una mano de MIUI se actualiza con una de las mejoras más esperadas. Noticias Xiaomi A

Of course, at the moment this mode is only available on those devices that already have at least a beta version of MIUI based on Android 12 , although it is expected that this will reach more terminals of the company.

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Likewise, at the moment it is a functionality in beta phase that we can only find in the MIUI Chinese ROM. To see its final release we will have to wait some time , even more so for its arrival at the Global and European ROM.

The entry The one-handed mode of MIUI is updated with one of the most anticipated improvements was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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