MIUI 13 is seen again: this will be its main screen

Again MIUI 13 returns to become the protagonist of the latest leaks that come to us from China. Although, a few days ago we were talking about the list of devices compatible with this new version of MIUI , today two new images have been leaked that show us how it will be part of its design .

This time it is about two new screenshots that let us see in great detail how the main screen of MIUI 13 will be , as well as one of its greatest novelties: its different widgets.

This is what the main screen of MIUI 13 will look like

According to this leak, MIUI 13 will take a somewhat more minimalist design than MIUI 12 , incorporating, as numerous leaks already revealed, a new and complete set of widgets.

MIUI 13 se deja ver de nuevo: así será su pantalla principal. Noticias Xiaomi A
MIUI 13 main screen

As we can see on these lines, these new widgets will cover the application of time and the calendar . We can also see in the screenshot on the right a new widget of the Security application that would show us the current state of the battery and its total autonomy .

That if, for the moment it is still a simple leak without official endorsement by Xiaomi . It is therefore that we will only have to wait, probably until the end of the year, to see with certainty what the interface of MIUI 13 will really be like.

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The MIUI 13 entry can be seen again: this will be its main screen, it was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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