MagSafe falling in price: Apple s charging pad for the iPhone cheaper and available again

MagSafe falling in price: Apple s charging pad for the iPhone cheaper and available again

Original accessories from Apple are rarely particularly cheap and yet the MagSafe charging pad for the iPhone 12 is currently very cheap - the drop in prices is clearly leaving its mark. In the meantime, the offer was no longer available, but can currently be delivered.

The MagSafe technology was a real surprise when the iPhone 12 was presented. Even if you can do more with it than just charge your mobile phone wirelessly, Apple succeeded in consistently developing this technology - an improved Qi charging technology with magnetic alignment .

Apple's MagSafe charger for the iPhone: Currently only 29 euros on Amazon

The original MagSafe charger is not exactly cheap, Apple officially wants 45 euros for it, and elsewhere we have had to pay well over 30 euros for it so far. Now, however, the charging pad is available from Amazon for just 29 euros (see Amazon), elsewhere you can theoretically even save another one or two euros, but quite a few will probably strike at the largest online shop. At the moment the device can be delivered directly again, orders are served directly from stock.

This means that prices continue to fall, which began to pick up significantly from around March 2021 and is now slowly celebrating its climax. Will it get cheaper? Difficult to say, but the iPhone 13 will also be able to use the charging pad. So there is a good chance that prices could also drop somewhat as a result of the stronger establishment. But that will certainly take some time.

MagSafe simply explained in the video :

What do customers say, what should you pay attention to?

But is the MagSafe charger from Apple for the iPhone 12 even worth it? First of all, we want to avoid any confusion. Even if Apple and retailers speak of a "charger", it is basically just a charging pad. The actual power supply is not included and must either already be available or purchased separately. It should then be a model with a USB-C connection and deliver at least 20 watts, otherwise you will lose the charging speed. Either you opt for the original from Apple (see at Amazon) or an alternative, for example from Anker (see at Amazon) - both are equally good.

If you pay attention to this little "stumbling block" you should have a lot of fun with it, 4.5 stars from over 5,600 reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. By the way: Advantage of the "original" over alternatives - specially designed accessories for the MagSafe charger work perfectly with it. An example is the useful stand from Stouchi (view on Amazon), which we have already introduced.


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