MacBook Pro 2022: is Samsung helping Apple?

MacBook Pro 2022: is Samsung helping Apple?

As early as next year, Apple could rely on Samsung's help and buy large-scale purchases from the Koreans for the MacBook Pro 2022. Specifically, new displays should be on the "shopping list".

Samsung confirms the start of mass production of novel OLED screens for notebooks . There are two sizes to choose from - 14 and 16 inches (source: Samsung). Although the Korean manufacturer currently only names Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP and itself as customers for the new displays, Apple could also install them in new versions of the MacBook Pro as early as next year.

MacBook Pro 2022 with OLED: New Samsung screens for Apple

The industry magazine "The Elec" reported on such plans in August and "DigiTimes" also mentioned a MacBook Pro with a 16-inch OLED screen for the year 2022. It is quite possible that Samsung will also help Apple leaves. Due to Apple's famous secrecy, it seems understandable if Samsung does not mention this potential partnership in its press release at this point in time.

Exciting: Samsung's new OLED screens support a refresh rate of 90 Hz and are therefore much smoother than the previous displays in the MacBook Pro. They still have to be content with a maximum of 60 frames per second. The well-known advantages of OLEDs include higher brightness, better contrast and deeper black tones. With the higher refresh rate of 90 Hz, the new models now also ensure a more fluid display of content when watching videos, games and also when scrolling text. Advantages that Apple customers would certainly appreciate.

What makes OLED so special? In the video we give the answer:

New MacBooks with mini-LED later this year

But before that happens , Apple will present new models of the MacBook Pro in autumn 2021. They will have built in mini LED screens with similar advantages as OLED, but are cheaper for Apple. It is quite possible that next year the iPhone manufacturer would like to offer another high-end option with the innovative displays from Samsung - real OLED and with a higher refresh rate.


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