MacBook Pro 2021: Apple goes a long way with the display

MacBook Pro 2021: Apple goes a long way with the display

The new MacBook Pro 2021 is still eagerly awaited, an introduction in October seems likely. Now we are learning: Apple will not only introduce new display sizes, something is also happening in terms of resolution.

MacBook Pro 2021: Higher resolutions for the displays

The beta 7 of macOS Monterey is more informative than initially thought. In the last developer version, Apple hides clear references to the new screens of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021. There are two Retina resolutions in the code that Apple has not yet used on any current display . Ergo: Most likely they belong to the new MacBooks (source: Steve Moser via MacRumors).

The comparison reveals: Apple goes a long way in terms of resolutions, in detail:

MacBook Pro 16 inches (2021): 3456 x 2234 pixels (currently: 16 inches at 3072 x 1920 pixels) MacBook Pro 14 inches (2021): 3024 x 1964 pixels (currently: 13 inches at 2560 x 1600 pixels)

As a result, the pixel density rises from 227 to 257 ppi, in short, the screens become "sharper" . With the new resolutions, the currently existing "crooked" scaling in retina mode could be omitted, but the native 2x retina resolution could be used as the standard setting. This gives you the sharpest possible image without compromises.

Regarded as safe: macOS Monterey will be installed on the new MacBooks. We see some of the new features in the video :

What we can expect from the new MacBook Pro

The picture of the new MacBook Pro 2021 will be so complete. After everything the rumor mill has already revealed, a mobile computer with a new design should await us. Powered by an upgraded Apple chip (M1X) and with a range of connectors that are making their comeback - MagSafe, HDMI and an SD card reader. A presentation at another Apple event in the fall is considered likely. Either in October, but no later than November. As a reminder: Apple showed us the current guard of the first M1 computers on November 10th last year.


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