Load WhatsApp backup: restore messages, pictures & videos

Load WhatsApp backup: restore messages, pictures & videos

WhatsApp backs up your messages and pictures by default. Loading this backup file on a new or reset device, on the other hand, is not quite as intuitive. We'll show you here on xiaomist how you can restore your WhatsApp data with the cloud backup or with a manual backup file.

If you are using a new smartphone or have had to reset yours to the factory settings, you can use the backup file to restore your chat history. Depending on whether you created the cloud backup or a manual backup file, you proceed differently to bring your old files to the "fresh" device. If you don't know whether WhatsApp has created a backup and how you can create one yourself, read this post beforehand: Create WhatsApp (cloud) backup & save data.

Load manual backup

To load the manual WhatsApp backup you either need a file manager on your Android smartphone or you have to connect the mobile phone to a PC in order to be able to rename and move the files.

To restore a local backup, WhatsApp must first be installed on the device. Remove the date from the file name of the backup file that you want to use, as follows:
msgstore -20YY-MM-DD .db.crypt12 → msgstore.db.crypt12 Now copies the file to WhatsApp / Databases . Uninstalls WhatsApp and reinstall it. When starting the app, the request should appear if you want to use the backup file. Finally tap on "Restore" .

In the following video we explain what you can do if the photos have disappeared from your chat history:

Restore cloud backup

If you want to restore the cloud backup to a device with a new number, you must first transfer your WhatsApp account to the new number. If you keep your number or have already completed the transfer, proceed as follows:

For restoring via cloud backup, WhatsApp must be used with the same number and the same Google account . Reinstall WhatsApp directly from the Google Play Store. When starting the app, the request should appear if you want to restore your chat history. If this request does not come, you may have to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp beforehand. Tap on Restore and select Google Drive as the source of the backup. Finally, you tap on Next , then the saved chats and other content will be restored - this can take a while, depending on the size and internet connection.


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