LG televisions: software turns smart TVs into advertising spin-offs

LG televisions: software turns smart TVs into advertising spin-offs

LG has presented a new operating system for its smart televisions. The focus is on better and more extensive personalization - but advertising should become even more important at River OS than before.

LG: Smart TVs show more advertisements

LG has introduced a new operating system for smart TVs through its LG Ads department. The focus is on personalization according to the preferences of the respective user. If necessary, River OS can be controlled entirely by voice. The manufacturer promises that the members of a household will be recognized directly by their voice and that appropriate content will be suggested.

According to the announcement by LG, advertising will be a more central part of River OS than was the case with the previous webOS platform. In the future there should be personalized ads next to recommendations directly on the home screen. LG is also promising its advertising partners even more attention. You are offered a "homescreen takeover" in which the TV's home screen is basically completely covered by a display.

In the video : This should be considered before buying a TV.

It is currently unclear whether River OS will replace or supplement the previous system. It is quite possible that River OS will only be used in the more affordable smart TVs from LG. The manufacturer names Sharp, Hisense, Toshiba, Seiki, Skyworth, Tivo and Sling Media as partners. More partners are likely to join shortly (source: LG).

Smart TVs from LG: River OS in the starting blocks

The new operating system for smart televisions from LG should be used in new models in 2021 . India was chosen as the first region. From 2022 onwards, River OS will start in the USA and other countries. No information is yet available about a start in Germany.


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