Is Windows 11 Coming to New Macs? That s what Microsoft says

Is Windows 11 Coming to New Macs? That s what Microsoft says

Windows 11 could actually also run on Macs, provided they have an M1 chip - or maybe not? After the general discussion about the hardware required by Windows 11, Microsoft now also has to position itself on Apple systems.

Windows 11 on Macs: Microsoft does not commit itself

With Windows 11, the next operating system from Microsoft is just around the corner and it will be officially available from October 5, 2022. Of course, many users ask themselves whether the next version will also run on their computer. What it looks like with support from Apple systems has so far remained unclear. Unfortunately, it will stay that way, because Microsoft does not want to commit itself completely (source: The Register).

In an interview, a spokesman for the group was asked specifically how it looks with Windows 11 and Macs that have a strong M1 chip. With the required performance, there shouldn't be any problems here. According to the spokesman, this is currently "not a supported scenario" . This is not necessarily a real rejection, but it is certainly no guarantee that Microsoft would like to show movement in this area.

What is also certain is that there will be initial opportunities in the area of virtualization even before Windows 11 is released. With the virtualization software Parallels Desktop 17 it is already possible to get the pre-release version of Windows 11 running on Macs.

In the video : These are the requirements of Windows 11.

Windows 11 on Macs as a second system?

As with Windows 10, the successor should also be usable over time via dual boot options on Macs - albeit without official help from Microsoft. However, as before, a prompt solution directly to the start of Windows 11 is not to be expected.


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