iPhone SE 2020: Apple is taking model variant out of the range

iPhone SE 2020: Apple is taking model variant out of the range

Apple has secretly removed a model variant of the iPhone SE 2020 from its range. The US group no longer offers the version with 256 GB of storage in its online shop. That could be a clever move by Apple to promote another iPhone.

In the hustle and bustle of the new iPhone 13 (Pro), a tiny change has almost disappeared: The iPhone SE 2020, which came onto the market last year, is no longer offered by Apple in the version with 265 GB of memory (source: MacRumors) .

iPhone SE 2020 only with 64 GB or 128 GB storage

Apple currently only offers the variants with 64 GB of storage space or with 128 GB . There are no changes to the prices of the two models. If you need more storage on your mobile phone, for example to back up photos or documents, you have to use another iPhone model or buy iCloud storage space in the cloud. It is available from 0.99 euros per month for 50 GB.

Even if Apple itself no longer offers the iPhone SE 2020 with 256 GB of storage, the model is still available in free trade . At Amazon, for example, the iPhone SE with the XXL storage costs around 630 euros (see Amazon).

The iPhone SE 2020 in the video test:

A move by Apple to promote the iPhone 13 Mini?

Why Apple canceled the 256 GB version of the iPhone SE is unclear. There is no official statement from the manufacturer. Maybe Apple is trying to push the new iPhone 13 Mini in this way . The predecessor of the mini-iPhone did not quite meet the high expectations and, according to analysts, disappointed in terms of sales.

Observers have also blamed the iPhone SE 2020, which went on sale just a few months before the iPhone 12 Mini and is said to have snatched away many potential buyers from the iPhone 12 Mini. The successor is still offered by Apple with 256 GB of storage. If you want to buy a new iPhone and attach great importance to compact dimensions and lots of storage space, you now have to resort to the iPhone 13 Mini .


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