iPhone 14: That s why Apple s pursuit of perfection is now becoming a problem

iPhone 14: That s why Apple s pursuit of perfection is now becoming a problem

Are you disappointed with the iPhone 13? If you now place your hopes in the iPhone 14 instead, you can expect the next failure next year. At least in one not entirely unimportant point, because in all likelihood Touch ID will not come back after all. I see the reason for this in Apple's pursuit of perfection. How come? I'll tell you in the current edition of my weekend column.

Many fans have been hoping for a comeback of Touch ID in the iPhone for years. Face ID facial recognition works in most cases, but not only those who wear a mask in times of pandemic want the fingerprint sensor as a useful option. But Apple has other plans. The new iPhone 13 relies entirely on Face ID and the upcoming iPhone 14 next year will probably not get a Touch ID back either.

iPhone 14 still without Touch ID

Ming-Chi Kuo - the Apple expert par excellence - played spoilsport this week and informed about Apple's plans for the next few years. As a result, Apple is postponing the comeback of Touch ID again to the year 2023, so the iPhone 14 will have to do without and fans will have to wait even longer.

For better or for worse, Apple wants the fingerprint sensor under the display , but obviously seems to be dissatisfied with the solutions available on the market and cannot get it there in time for the iPhone 14 - there is no other way to interpret the message of the delay.

As a reminder, what is Face ID, what is Touch and how does it even work? The answers in the video:

But that of all things stands in the way of Apple's pursuit of perfection in the way of a return. Actually, the will for perfection is one of the better traits of the Californians. But by concentrating on a tiny detail, one does not see the obvious solution to the dilemma. It would be nice to have the Touch ID sensor under the display, but why not just put it in the power button?

My thoughts on the weekend: The column would like to provide food for thought and reflect the "flood of news" of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

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Apple is overlooking the obvious solution to the problem

I mean, what's good enough for the iPad Air and, more recently, the 6th generation iPad mini, can't be bad for the iPhone at the same time. Apple strives for the supposedly perfect solution, but overlooks the most practical way to meet both its own requirements and customer wishes. A real problem in my humble opinion. Apple stupidly stands in its own way.

Perhaps Apple will reconsider this basic attitude and see no alleged weakness in the compromise, but rather find the strength in it. Then there might still be an iPhone 14 with Touch ID, just as the iPads are already doing.


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