iPhone 14: Leaks reveal what Apple will change

iPhone 14: Leaks reveal what Apple will change

It's no secret, even if the iPhone 13 has not even been presented, work for the iPhone 14 has long been underway at Apple. Now the first "overall picture" of the new smartphone appears - a well-known insider simply cannot keep his mouth shut.

What will Apple change with the iPhone 14 in the next year? The well-known "chatterbox" Jon Prosser already provides the answer to this not unimportant question. The notorious Apple insider summarizes his current level of knowledge and also gives us, in collaboration with Ian Zelbo, a series of computer-generated images that are supposed to excellently show the design of the upcoming iPhone 14 (source: Front Page Tech).

iPhone 14: Apple removed notch and camera hump

First of all, obviously: The basic design language, introduced with the iPhone 12, is also retained on the iPhone 14. This conservative approach is typical of Apple and ultimately consistent, if we remember the iPhone 6 from 2014, for example. We can still find its basic design in the current iPhone SE today. But we expect far-reaching changes in detail:

No more notch (display notch), instead a "pinhole camera" (punch hole) on the front. The frame is made of titanium - one of the first rumors about the iPhone 14, which Prosser also confirmed. A thicker housing so that the rear camera does not protrude and the lenses, the LED flash and the LiDAR scanner are flush with the rear glass - a dream come true for many users. Round volume buttons are again similar to those on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Speaker and microphone covers are being redesigned, consisting of elongated cut-outs instead of individual holes on the underside of the device. The Lightning connection is retained on some models of the iPhone 14 - nothing with USB-C, as it looks?

Of course, details could change until the release in autumn 2022, says Prosser. But basically, the iPhone 14 should come onto the market next year, as he predicted.

xiaomist readers had the right nose

Interesting: The elimination of the camera hump and a slightly thicker housing (key point: larger battery) are also the most obvious changes that xiaomist readers would like for a future iPhone - according to a survey from the summer of 2021. It seems quite so, as if they had similar thoughts at Apple and will actually implement them next year.

Curious? Our iPhone design for the future looks like in the video :

But before that, the iPhone 13 will be presented by Apple on September 14th. The design changes are smaller, as is the notch that is still included. But especially under the hood, things get faster and better. The predicted 120 Hz display for the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) should be mentioned, for example.


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