iPhone 13 - wireless charging and fast charging - is that possible?

iPhone 13 - wireless charging and fast charging - is that possible?

Qi charging is now standard in high-class cell phones. Fast loading is not a matter of course, however. xiaomist tells you whether you can charge your iPhone 13 wirelessly and how fast it can be charged.

Thanks to MagSafe, the iPhone 13 can be charged wirelessly. But in this context it is of course interesting whether it can be done without this additional part and, above all, how quickly the iPhone can be charged if the battery runs down during the day. Here is the info!

Wireless charging with Magsafe is the simplest option:

Wireless charging of the iPhone 13 - better with MagSafe or Qi charging station?

Anyone who already owns a MagSafe charger will appreciate it and not necessarily want to switch. In addition, it is rumored that Apple has enlarged the charging coils in the cell phone, which should bring two advantages:

It enables more power when charging and can therefore be charged faster. It shouldn't get so hot when charging.

This would possibly also enable " reverse wireless charging ", which cell phones from Samsung and Co. have been offering for a long time: The battery of the iPhone 13 could be used, for example, to charge EarPods on the go.

But can the iPhone 13 also be charged with a Qi charging station? The answer is " Of course! "The charging technology of the MagSafe corresponds to the Qi standard and instead of the additional device from Apple you can just as easily choose a charging station from another provider. We have published a test of Qi charging stations that gives you some recommendations. In general, however, you can use pretty much any other device. Perhaps recommendable: Some Qi charging stations have a cooling fan to reduce the heating of the battery.

Tip : With the exception of the iPhone 13 mini, all devices can be charged with up to 15 watts. So if you choose a Qi charging station, pay attention to its performance. Here is an example of a charging station that supports 15 watts and can also charge the Apple Watch and EarPods at the same time.

Fast charging on the iPhone 13: what is possible?

The iPhone 13 and the iPhones 13 Pro / Pro Max can be charged with up to 15 watts of charging power via MagSafe. The iPhone 13 mini is limited to 12 watts of power consumption when charging wirelessly.

When charging via cable, higher power consumption and faster charging are theoretically possible. Apple also offers chargers with 20 and even 30 watts. Of course, Apple also recommends using MagSafe and ignoring other Qi pads or stations.

It remains to be seen which advantages a stronger power supply or the use of the MagSafe really bring when fast charging the iPhone 13.


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