iPhone 13: Unique function of the Apple mobile phone only with restrictions

iPhone 13: Unique function of the Apple mobile phone only with restrictions

A rumor has caused quite a stir in the last few days. If you believe that, the iPhone 13 would actually have what it takes to become a satellite phone. Or are we wrong here? Apple expert Mark Gurman now reveals: A really unique function will probably only be available with restrictions.

The iPhone 13 a satellite phone? The basic technology should already be in the iPhone 13, according to a report. But now we know that the supposed killer feature is being implemented in a more restricted way than previously thought. Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman once again provides clarity in his weekly newsletter (source: Mark Gurman via 9to5mac).

iPhone 13 not a true satellite phone: these restrictions apply

The iPhone 13 will not be a real satellite phone, because the function is actually only intended for emergencies. The users do not have a free choice, because the feature will only be available if there is actually no mobile radio signal and only in certain markets . Ergo: Not all countries are covered - we also know from other Apple functions.

Ultimately understandable, anything else would exceed the costs, or would cause trouble for the mobile phone providers, after all, they don't want any "extraterrestrial" competition. According to Gurman, Apple is pursuing two approaches at the same time:

Sending short emergency texts to close friends Sending SOS emergency signals in the event of crises such as plane crashes etc. in remote areas

If our readers were to design the next iPhone, the smartphone seen in the video would come out:

Apple's plans are still uncertain

Such emergency messages would be differently colored from the rest in iMessage - gray instead of blue and green. Emergency telephone calls may also be supported, but this is probably not yet certain. Safe on the other hand: for the feature to work, you need a clear view of the sky, i.e. a connection can only be established outside. This can then take up to a minute.

Apple will present the iPhone 13 to the public on September 14th, and the associated special event was recently announced. It remains unclear whether the manufacturer will show the satellite feature now. Background: Apple may need more time and may not introduce the feature until later next year.


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