iPhone 13: Testers reveal the biggest selling point for the Apple mobile phone

iPhone 13: Testers reveal the biggest selling point for the Apple mobile phone

The reviews of the new iPhones are very promising, as in the end they even reveal the biggest selling point for the iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 12 Pro (Max). So why could the upgrade be worth it?

The new iPhone models made a fundamentally good impression on testers around the world. Excellent cameras and enormous computing power are attested to both the iPhone 13 (mini) and the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) (source: MacRumors).

Certainly there is room for criticism here and there, so not everyone can immediately make friends with the new cinema mode, for example. Sometimes the AI ​​is wrong and in the end it is "just" a video version of the previously known portrait mode for photos. But there is still applause for the first implementation. But what would be the biggest selling point for the new Apple phones?

iPhone 13: The biggest selling point is the battery performance

The answer is undoubtedly: battery power! The increases properly, in all four models. This is how Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal describes her experience:

"In my daily use, all four models lasted at least an hour longer than their predecessors. The Pro Max could easily hold out until the next day. If you want to extend the battery life further, you can turn off 5G. (Aside from the energy savings, it's a fun experiment to see how little 5G really adds to the smartphone experience right now). "

In short: even with the 5G network activated, the battery performance does not drop abruptly - very decent.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro? In the video we help you decide:

New battery king with 120 Hz: iPhone 13 Pro Max

The "battery" advantage is particularly evident in the Pro model. In advance, there were fears that the new 120 Hz display would use too much power. As the first results suggest, the opposite is the case (source: Weibo via Twitter).

To be very precise, the iPhone 13 Pro Max simply takes the lead among 120 Hz smartphones . Samsung and Co have to swallow hard. The fully dynamic LTPO OLED screen in conjunction with Apple's optimizations creates the unthinkable - a smooth screen without any loss of battery power.


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