iPhone 13 Pro: Apple wants to eliminate annoying camera bug

iPhone 13 Pro: Apple wants to eliminate annoying camera bug

Until now, only selected journalists and YouTubers were allowed to "play around" with the new iPhones. An annoying camera bug on the iPhone 13 Pro caught my eye. Now Apple promises to want to eliminate this.

Basically, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro left a positive impression on the testers. In the more expensive Pro model, the new macro function of the camera is particularly eye-catching . If you want, you can take very detailed photos and videos of extremely close objects - all from a close-up limit of just two centimeters.

iPhone 13 Pro: Macro function changes the camera without being asked

The problem: If you approach the object with the camera, the iPhone 13 Pro switches from the main camera to the ultra-wide-angle lens without being asked, without signaling this in the app . Even more worrying: If you move away, the camera app remains in ultra-wide-angle mode, and manual switching is no longer possible, as YouTuber Marques Brownlee, for example, has to discover (source: YouTube - Marques Brownlee). Pretty annoying bug.

And this is how the automatic change looks:

The problem of automatic switching exists with both photo and video recordings . At least with the latter, this can be prevented in the settings, but not with photos:

"The fact that there is a 'Lock Camera' setting under the 'Camera' section in the Settings app that disables automatic camera switching for video recording is proof enough that Apple knows people don't want that. To my disappointment, there is no setting that can be used to turn off camera switching for photos. At least not yet. "(Source: Input)

What else the iPhone 13 Pro has to offer can be seen in the following video :

Apple announces update

After Apple was confronted with the problems, they promise a remedy for the future. In a statement to the testers it says:

"A software update this fall will add a new setting to turn off automatic camera switching for macro and video shots during close-up shots.

A quick response from Apple. This is of course of little help to first-time customers who will soon be holding their devices in their hands, but a remedy is already evident for the future.


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